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Василий Молодяков

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Хороший перевод Брюсова на английский

Valery Bryusov. I.

My spirit has survived the gloom of contradictions.
My mind has not succumbed in lethal bouts with Fate.
I love all reveries, and holding dear all speeches
To all the Gods my verse I dedicate.

To Hecate I prayed as did I to Astarte,
While sacrifical blood of victims I did shed.
Then at the crucifix I knelt in supplication
And glorified a love as strong as death.

I saw Academies, I visited Lycea,
On tablets made of wax I noted wise men's words.
As any faithful son, I found each place a welcome,
Yet poetry alone my soul has stirred.

And on the Isle of Dreams, where statues stand with lyrics,
All ways did I observe, enraptured and enthralled,
Now bowing to the sight of Nature's carnal beauty,
Now waiting night to take me on her hold.

And somehow then I came to cherish contradictions.
My thirst I sought to quench in lethal bouts with Fate.
Since every dream is dear, and pleasant are all speeches,
To all the Gods my verse I dedicate.

Translated by Oleg. A. Maslenikov.
(Lyrics from the Russian: Symbolists and Others. Berkeley CA, 1972. P. 91)
Оригинал http://rupoem.ru/bryusov/moj-dux-ne.aspx

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Лев Пикалов February 25th, 2014
Не знаю, знакома ли Вам эта фотография...

Первая в гугл-картинках, если вбить
G.S. Viereck (LOC) by The Library of Congress

Почему-то не получается скопировать ссылку на саму фотографию.

molodiakov February 26th, 2014
Ну, если первая там, то, наверно, знаю)))) Спасибо.

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